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The basic parts industry development pressure is very serious

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  This year, the situation of China's construction machinery industry is very serious, especially the parts enterprises are facing extreme challenges of life and death. How to break the ice out of the predicament is our priority to enterprises. Therefore, in order to "explore the rational development of ice road" as the theme of the 2014 China engineering machinery accessories branch in October 30th annual meeting held in tianjin. At the meeting, the national leadership of the Ministry of industry Mr. Wang Jianyu introduced the current development of China's auto parts industry, and for the majority of engineering machinery parts enterprises pointed out the direction of development.

  The national leadership of the Ministry of industry Mr. Wang Jianyu the national leadership of the Ministry of industry Mr. Wang Jianyu spoke at present, China's equipment manufacturing industry comprehensive strength increases, the scale of the industry ranked first in the world, but the problem of poor product quality and reliability of our industry big but not strong, lack of innovation, is still grim. The development of manufacturing technology, basic materials to keep up with the host of these problems can lead to China's weak parts.

  To solve this problem, Mr. Wang Jianyu pointed out at the meeting, China's basic parts industry development and market pressure is very serious, although after several years of development of parts made some progress, but domestic fittings still face the following problems as follows. The first is insufficient attention, re host light fittings long-term problem in the industry. Secondly, the basic components of level of our country can not meet the basic needs, parts enterprises are currently still small and medium sized enterprises. These enterprises to survive is to reduce the price of profits, the independent innovation ability is limited. The last is the problem areas out of touch, the information asymmetry between the host enterprises and supporting enterprises, which also led to the host enterprises rely more on foreign mature products.

  Overall, China's auto parts industry accumulated problems, debt, to change parts mainly rely on imports in the short term, it is with a certain degree of difficulty. This requires the government and industry associations to play a role, organization and coordination, information guidance, and industry resource integration, collaborative development of host and accessories industry.