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China's auto parts industry is facing an important strategic opportunities

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  According to the state in 2020, the comprehensive construction well-off society goal initially built in industrialized countries, China's automobile industry has a good development prospects, industry development is an important period of strategic opportunities. China Machinery Industry Federation President Wang Ruixiang said this morning.

  Wang Ruixiang made the statement on the morning of 2014 Chinese auto parts industry financial synergy innovation development forum.

  Wang Ruixiang said, after the international financial crisis, the world automobile industry in our country in general downturn, the adjustment of national policy, the rapid development of automobile industry. In 2009, more than 10000000 car sales reached 13000000 vehicles; in 2013, breaking the 20000000, to 22000000 vehicles, automobile production and sales for five consecutive years has been ranked first in the world, changed the world auto industry pattern.

  China's auto industry has truly become an important part of the world industry, the contribution to the world, stimulating effect on the economy of our country obviously. At the same time is also important in the national economy, the strategic pillar industry, automobile consumption accounted for 11% of the total retail sales of social enterprises, industry accounted for 5.3% of the country's GDP.

  Wang Ruixiang said, China's automobile industry progress is inseparable from the auto parts production enterprises, China has 200000 Jialing parts production enterprises, the size of more than about ten thousand last year, auto parts production enterprises, a total of 2.7 trillion, accounted for 40% of the whole automobile industry is likely to exceed 60% this year. At present, there are more than 1000 Auto Parts Industrial Park, has formed six major parts in the Central District, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain.

  The companies now pay more attention to increase the overall capacity of construction, through technological innovation, industrial chain advantage, joint development and vehicle manufacturers, improve the supporting ability. China is in the transition period of deepening reform, further reform of the bonus release, a huge international market and demands of domestic product upgrades will become the driving force to optimize the product auto parts enterprises.