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Quality Supervision

We treat product quality as the source of life and the basis of subsistence of the company.

We always put the quality control in the first place and strictly control each step of the production. According to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, we build up a whole set of quality management system covering supplier management, incoming material inspection, process control and quality inspection.

We believe that persons are the first factor of the quality. We conduct regular training courses to constantly improve the quality awareness of employees. We implement standard operation procedures at every management and operation post to ensure working efficiency and quality.

The company realizes that equipment is the key element to ensure the product quality. In its own course of development, the company has been unceasingly purchasing modern equipment to replace the traditional one. The CNC machining centers and numerically controlled machine tools have now become the major equipment in the production.

The company carries out strict management on measurement tools. The company owns more than 170 types of measurement tools with the quantity of more than 1000 units. Some of them are imported from Switzerland, Japan etc. All these tools are kept and maintained by skilled technicians, and their accuracy are regularly checked and remarked with validity.

Our company strictly controls the quality of the raw material. We strengthen the entrance inspection and attach importance to the information feedback of material failure. In this course we have gradually optimized the ranks of suppliers.

The control of quality in processing is key to ensuring high-quality products. The company implements the professional inspection and self-inspection in every process. We also request the administrators to personally inspect the production line to find out and solve problems. All these measures ensure that only qualified products can pass to the next process.

Our company has set up a product inspection center, with advanced inspection equipment such as three coordinates measuring machine, granulation measuring instrument, hardness tester and other indispensable standard multi-purpose equipment..

The company has been adhering to the principle of “Quality First ,Customers Supreme” over a long period of time, which has been appreciated by our regular customers at home and abroad.

Won the honor award Excellence issued by Hitachi several times

In 2007 won the certificate of ISO9001:2000 standard issued by China Quality Certification Center

In 2010 won the certificate of ISO9001:2008 standard issued by China Quality Certification Center

In 2014 won the certificate of ISO9001:2008 standard issued by China Quality Certification Center